How to Unlock ALL Ultimate Characters FAST

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How to Unlock ALL Characters in Smash?

If you've wandered onto this page you're likely looking to unlock all the characters in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate as fast as possible. With 74 characters total, climbing from the starting 8 characters seems like a nightmarish feat for players that aren't used to the grind.

The good part is, you can unlock characters in pretty much any way you please. Classic Mode, the new World of Light adventure mode, or simply playing Smash Mode.

Smash Mode [FASTEST Method]

Playing the game in VS mode against a CPU or another player, you'll unlock your first challenger approaches in around 8 to 10 minutes. After you get the screen below (likely with Ness if you haven't unlocked him yet).

Win or lose, you'll want to perform the following steps:
  1. Press the Home button on your Switch controller to go back to the main menu
  2. Press "X" to quit the software and confirm.
  3. Reopen the game
  4. Create a rule set of one stock if you've got two controllers, or just set it to the minimum time if you're playing a CPU
  5. Play a match with your strongest fighter, and after the match a new challenger should approach.
Sometimes you don't get a character right away, especially in when you first boot up the game. However, once you get a few games under your belt you'll essentially be getting a challenge every time you reboot.

This mechanic is used to reward players every time they boot up the game, but obviously, you can also use it to unlock characters as fast as possible.

Tip: If you lose to a character, be sure to check out this guide on how to rematch them quickly!

Character Unlock Order

In case you're wondering when your favorite character will be available to unlock, here's the complete order for this method:
  1. Ness
  2. Zelda
  3. Bowser
  4. Pit
  5. Inkling
  6. Villager
  7. Marth
  8. Young Link
  9. Wii Fit Trainer
  10. Ice Climbers
  11. Captain Falcon
  12. Peach
  13. Ryu
  14. Ike
  15. Jigglypuff
  16. King K Rool
  17. Sonic
  18. Simon
  19. Zero Suit Samus
  20. Little Mac
  21. Isabelle
  22. Shulk
  23. Lucina
  24. Wario
  25. Ridley
  26. Pokemon Trainer
  27. Lucario
  28. Daisy
  29. Roy
  30. King Dedede
  31. R.O.B.
  32. Falco
  33. Luigi
  34. Pichu
  35. Richter
  36. Lucas
  37. Diddy Kong
  38. Meta Knight
  39. Snake
  40. Ganondorf
  41. Corrin
  42. Mega Man
  43. Bayonetta
  44. Toon Link
  45. Rosalina and Luma
  46. Incineroar
  47. Sheik
  48. Olimar
  49. Pac Man
  50. Dark Samus
  51. Wolf
  52. Mr. Game & Watch
  53. Robin
  54. Dark Pit
  55. Cloud
  56. Duck Hunt Duo
  57. Ken
  58. Greninja
  59. Chrom
  60. Mewtwo
  61. Bowser Jr.
  62. Dr. Mario
  63. Palutena

Other Ways to Unlock

If you want to unlock one of your favorite characters sooner, consider either the Classic Mode or World of Light method to speed up the run.

Classic Mode Unlock Order

Playing classic mode allows you to unlock characters in a chain. Note that after unlocking one character in the chain, any of the unlocked characters can unlock the next character in the chain.
  1. [Mario] [Sonic] [Bayonetta] [Little Mac] [Ike] [Luigi] [Roy] [Dr Mario] [Olimar] [Bowser]
  2. [Donkey Kong] [Bowser] [Pokemon Trainer] [Rosalina] [King Dedede] [Sheik] [Greninja] [Diddy Kong] [Duck Hunt] [Sonic]
  3. [Link] [King K Rool] [Ice Climbers] [Simon Belmont] [Meta Knight] [Snake] [Young Link] [Richter Belmont] [Toon Link] [Sonic]
  4. [Samus] [Inkling] [Wii Fit Trainer] [Pit] [Incineroar] [Dark Samus] [Cloud] [Wario] [Dark Pit] [Sonic]
  5. [Yoshi] [Lucario] [Marth] [Ryu] [Ganondorf] [Lucina] [Ridley] [Chrom] [Ken] [Sonic]
  6. [Kirby] [Ness] [Jigglypuff] [Pac-Man] [Zelda] [Robin] [Corrin] [Lucas] [Palutena] [Sonic]
  7. [Fox] [Captain Falcon] [Zero Suit Samus] [Peach] [Falco] [Daisy] [Bowser Jr.] [Wolf] [Mewtwo] [Sonic]
  8. [Pikachu] [Villager] [Shulk] [R.O.B.] [Mega Man] [Isabelle] [Mr Game and Watch] [Pichu] [Sonic] [Bayonetta]
For those of you visual players, here's a graphic floating around the internet from the Japanese version.

World of Light Order

If neither of these orders appeal to you, you can go a third route, which is the World of Light RPG style unlock order. 
  1. World of Light – Ness, Pichu, Falco (Space), Mr Game and Watch, Pit, Zero Suit Samus, Pokemon Trainer, Diddy Kong (near DK Island), Lucas, King Dedede (Sub-area), Toon Link, Little Mac, Shulk, Ryu (World Tour), Inkling, Simon Belmont (near Final Boss)
  2. Villager Route (World of Light) – Link, Yoshi, Dr. Mario, Lucario, Isabelle, Ice Climbers, Captain Falcon
  3. 3 Starter Pokemon Routes (World of Light) – Sheik, Marth, Villager
  4. Sheik Route (World of Light) – Jigglypuff
  5. Marth Route (World of Light) – Olimar, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Wii Fit Trainer, Dr. Mario (near Lumiose City), Snake (get Otacon Spirit first), Duck Hunt (Hidden Forest)
  6. The Molten Fortress (World of Light) – Peach, Bowser
  7. Mysterious Dimension (World of Dark) – Luigi, Meta Knight, Mewtwo (after beating Wispy Woods Spirit), Ike, R.O.B., Wolf, Greninja, Corrin, King K Rool
  8. Sacred Land (World of Dark) – Zelda, Young Link, Ganondorf, Chrom, Sonic, Bowser Jr., Cloud (unlock Zelda first)
  9. Dark Realm (World of Dark) – Lucina (right route), Rosalina (top middle route), Incineroar (left route)
  10. World of Dark (after Dracula’s Castle) – Ken (in Dracula’s Castle), Daisy (after beating Dry Bowser Spirit), Dark Pit (after beating Boo Spirit), Wario (after beating Mummy Spirit), Robin (after beating Werewolf’s Spirit), Ridley (after beating the Creature and Flea Man Spirits), Richter (defeat all Dark Spirits in Dracula’s Castle)
  11. The Final Battle – Roy, Palutena (near Mythra Spirit), Bayonetta

Working on unlocking your favorite character? Who are you trying for? Comment below!

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