Lost Against Challenger? How to Rematch Characters FAST in Ultimate

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Losing Against Challengers?

Playing against some of these new ultimate challengers can be a struggle, especially when the CPU ranges from not fighting back to absolutely annihilating you with 0 to 100 combos. Losing a few matches is inevitable.

Luckily, there's a way to rematch against any challenger you've unlocked with the approaching method simply by rematching them directly using the method below:

Step 1: Click on Games & More

Step 2: Click on "Challenger's Approach"

Note that challengers won't be available right after you lose to them. You'll need to play a few matches or just idle the game for a while and restart before the option becomes available.

You also can't pick and choose which one you want to fight against if you've lost to multiple challengers, and you need to fight them in the order that they appeared.

Happy you found this button? Who's giving you the most trouble? Comment below!

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