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Falco Guide Introduction

Falco in his current rendition is insanely powerful and can combo off of pretty much any of his other moves. He's got great multi-hit moves, and for those of you coming over from melee, he can Up + B after his side + B recovery. Check out how to play him below!

Falco Amibo

Falco Combos

Considering how effective Falco is at comboing, listing out everything would be quite a feat. Here's one example of how lengthy you can make his combo, most of which happen to be true combos:
  • Down Air + Up Tilt + Neutral Air + Up Air + Forward Air
Experiment with different weighted characters using a combination of his Up Tilt, Forward Air, Up Air, and Neutral Air for more combos.

Falco Tips

  • Falco's general initiation move involves closing the gap and starting off his combo with either a down throw or a down air, both of which pop up the enemy character just enough to start  combo chains.
  • Falco's full jump is incredibly good. This allows him to close the gap on projectile characters easily even without using his reflector.

Falco's Special Moves

Official Smash Video

He's a talented aerial fighter with amazing jumping ability, but Falco is a bit slower on the ground. His final smash is an all-out attack using an unorthodox formation of Arwings!

Interested in more information on this character? Check out our other articles on Falco or comment below for what you'd like to see!

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