Captain Falcon | Smash Ultimate | Guide & Combos

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Captain Falcon Guide Introduction

One of Smash's long-time favorites, Captain Falcon has been severely nerfed in this version of Smash. His Raptor Boost no longer deals as much knockback, resulting in lower kill potential. His Up tilt animation has also been adjusted so it's more difficult to edge-guard.

On the other hand, his sweetspotted knee now deals more damage and can break a halfway depleted shield...

Captain Falcon Amibo

Captain Falcon Combos

Now that his knee's been upgraded and the rest of his moves have been nerfed, you'll want to focus on one of two key combos...

  • Up throw + Forward aerial
  • Down throw + Forward aerial
Effectiveness of either combo will of course depend on the enemy character's current damage and weight.

Captain Falcon Tips

  • Falcon's core strategy is largely to space using his up aerials and neutral aerial to jab cancels, then land a big knee.
  • Falcon Dive (Up+B) now covers a lot more horizontal range and can be used as a finisher as a result of increased damage and knockback.

Captain Falcon's Special Moves

Official Smash Video

A fighter that possesses both speed and power! But in exchange, he is frequently left open. Being able to successfully land his neutral special, Falcon Punch, can greatly influence the battle in multiplayer matches.

Interested in more information on this character? Check out our other articles on Captain Falcon or comment below for what you'd like to see!

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