How to Get Piranha Plant DLC Free For Ultimate

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Piranha Plant For Free

If you're looking to pick up Piranha plant for free and you've purchased either the digital or physical copy of the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate in the first month of release in December 2018, read on for how to unlock this character for free!

Digital Version

If you bought Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from the Nintendo eShop, check the e-mail address you registered with for the subject line:
"Thanks for your purchase of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game"
 This may be up to a day later, so be patient and make sure it hasn't gone to your spam folder. After you receive the digital code, open Nintendo eShop, select Redeem a Code, and enter it there.

Physical Version

For players that bought the physical version of Smash Ultimate, register your game to get the code.

Open the Switch home menu, go to Smash Ultimate, and press the plus (+) button on your controller. 

Select "My Nintendo Rewards Program" then click on "Earn Points (Game Card version only).

Afterwards, you'll get an an e-mail within a day or two with the e-mailed code, which you redeem via eShop -> Redeem a Code.

That's it! Once Piranha Plant comes out in 2019, you'll automatically see the character added to your account.

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