Isabelle | Smash Ultimate | Guide & Combos

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Isabelle Guide Introduction

The new Animal Crossing character introduced in Smash Ultimate is certainly one of the funniest characters to play. The majority of her kit lends itself to be very camp-oriented, but she's got some fascinating moves in her kit, particularly her powerful yet tilt-inducing fishing rod.

Isabelle Amibo

Isabelle Combos

Generally speaking Isabelle players rely on their Forward Air to zone and combo, followed by a Fishing Rod at closer ranges. Her Tilts are fast enough, but abusing her Forward Air range is optimal. At certain percentages, her Neutral Air can combo along with Up Tilt at close range.

Isabelle Tips

  • Abuse your Lloid Trap to keep enemies at bay while you shoot them with your Forward Air.
  • Fishing Rod is one of the strongest edge-guarding moves in the game, and is particularly good since it keeps you on the stage with low risk.  It can also KO at higher percentages.
  • Isabelle's Fishing Rod allows her to sweetspot the ledge horizontally if necessary.

Isabelle's Special Moves

Official Smash Video

Isabelle joins the battle from Animal Crossing: New Leaf! She uses various trinkets from around the village to battle. Her side special, "Fishing Rod," not only allows her to snag and bring opponents closer, it can also be used as a recovery move.

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