Mewtwo | Smash Ultimate | Guide & Combos

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Mewtwo Guide Introduction

In Smash Ultimate, Mewtwo is extremely powerful and his tail range gives him an advantage over many characters, especially the ever-so-popular swordsmen. His Shadowball also allows him to beat down melee locked characters and combo effectively from a range.

Mewtwo Amibo

Mewtwo Combos

Mewtwo has a large variety of combos, but most of them will start with either Shadowball or a Down Tilt of some sort, both of which will pop up enemy characters just enough to start a combo.
  • Shadowball + Dash attack
  • Shadowball + Down Tilt
  • Down Tilt + Forward Air + Up Tilt
Edge Guard Combos
  • Back Air + Down Air

Mewtwo Tips

  • Mewtwo's Up Tilt hits high enough that you can hit people on platforms
  • Forward Tilt can kill at high percentages
  • Mewtwo's Neutral attack is good for getting moderate damage off, but is difficult to combo with as a result of the multiple hits and varying knockback depending on when it ends.
  • Backthrow can kill at high percentages

Mewtwo's Special Moves

Official Smash Video

A Legendary Pokémon known for its technical moves. Use Confusion or Disable as a diversion, then land a Shadow Ball! For its Final Smash, Mewtwo transforms into Mega Mewtwo Y and fires a projectile that freezes and launches the opponent!

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