Ness | Smash Ultimate | Guide & Combos

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Ness Guide Introduction

Ness is no newcomer to Smash, but in Ultimate he's faster than ever before and packs a large set of multi-hit moves. His Up Air now does a 5-hit multi-hit, giving him more options than ever before for maximizing his pressure.

Ness Amibo

Ness Combos

Ness is another one of those characters whose combos are extremely reliant on the weight and damage of the enemy character. However, his Forward Air and Neutral Air naturally combo together very well.

If you land a PK Fire, Ness can also combo into a Forward Smash or a Forward Air depending on how far away you are.

Ness Tips

  • Ness players generally want to use their PK Thunder as an edge guard mechanic, but be careful that you're not using it in dangerous positions. It's best used against slower characters since faster ones can close the gap before you can come back from the self-stun.

Ness' Special Moves

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Ness has a variety of moves, from long-range attacks using psychic powers known as "PSI," to short-range attacks with his bat and yo-yo. Ness can also unleash PK Thunder, a guided attack that can launch him like a rocket or help him recover!

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