Richter Belmont | Smash Ultimate | Guide & Combos

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Richter Guide Introduction

Richter is an echo of his brother Simon, and his moveset is virtually identical. That being said, his main draw lays in his powerful B moves that can cover multiple angles while edge-guarding combined with his long-range whip that keeps swordsmen at bay.

Richter Combos

Richter's bread and butter combos rely mainly on his Holy Water (Down + B) and/or his Down Aerial to knock them up.

Finishers include any of his standard whip attacks or Up + B when they're higher up on the stage.

One crazy combo includes:
  • Holy Water (Down + B)
  • Jump + Cross (side + B)
  • Down Aerial
  • Down Aerial
  • Up + B
See this video for an example

Other combos include:
  • Down Air + Neutral Air
  • Holy Water + Forward Smash
  • Down Air + Up B

Richter Tips

  • Richter's side aerial whips can be angled either up, to the side, or downwards with aerial forward + A and back + A.
    • This effectively gives you six different attacks with forward and back aerial, and gives you 9 total aerial options with A.
  • Richter can grab the ledge with his side + A in the air, and the range is deceptively long. You can't be too close though.
  • Forward Tilt and Holy Water are your bread and butter zoning tools with a few Axes and Crosses mixed in.

Richter's Special Moves

Official Smash Video

Richter from the Castlevania series joins the battle as Simon's Echo Fighter! His basic attacks are the same as Simon's, but with subtle variations. In addition to that, his Holy Water is a different color.

Interested in more information on this character? Check out our other articles on Richter or comment below for what you'd like to see!

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