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Snake Guide Introduction

One of the most dominant characters in Brawl, Snake's always been more about mind games than sheer technical power. In Ultimate, he's no different, and his grenades are still some of the most versatile and powerful mechanics in the game.

As heavy characters go, he's got plenty of kill potential and long-duration damage moves to make up for his slower speed. All-in-all, he's not a character that everyone can play, but involves careful setups and good reads.

Snake Combos

Snake's combos largely revolve around good grenade placement and using them to zone enemies into his kill moves, particularly his Up Tilt, which comes out incredibly fast for a move so strong. Here are a few additional bread and butter moves:
  • Shield + Down Air - Great for whiff punishing
  • Down Throw + Up Tilt - 160% guaranteed auto kill
  • Nair 1 + Up Tilt
  • Nair 1 + Grab
  • Drop Grenade + Up Tilt (grabs grenade for insurance in case you miss)
  • Cypher + C4 + Cypher

Snake Tips

  • Carefully place your grenades to block off enemy options, pulling our your grenade and shielding will drop it on the spot.
  • Use C4 to reset your Cypher and get multiple recoveries if necessary
  • You can air dodge or C4 after using Cypher, giving you more options for recovery

Snake's Special Moves

Official Smash Video

Back by popular demand, Snake brings a ranged fighting style unlike any other fighter in the game. His Final Smash locks onto an opponent and fires five homing missiles.

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