King K. Rool | Smash Ultimate | Guide & Combos

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King K. Rool Guide Introduction

One of the new heavyweight characters in smash, King K. Rool's initial debut has players very happy with where he stands right now. His overall kill power is high as expected for a character this large, and his combos allow for some intense shield pressure and edge-guard potential.

His belly super armor also procs on a large number of his tilts, meaning that he can easily counter fast enemy attacks with higher damage moves to great effect.

King K. Rool Combos

Ground Stomp Combo
  • Down Tilt
  • Forward Smash on larger characters, Down Smash for most characters
  • Down Throw
  • Up Tilt
Triple Horizontal Threat
  • Side + B
  • Neutral B
  • Dash attack
  • While this won't hit all three in a row, 

King K. Rool Tips

  • Using his super belly armor is key to making the most of every trade
  • His forward aerial is extremely powerful in terms of both priority and range, abuse it as much as possible
  • Timing his three horizontal moves allows him to cover nearly every option for ledge recovery.

King K. Rool's Special Moves

Official Smash Video

With long-distance special moves like the Blunderbuss, and counter moves like Stomach Attack, he is a versatile fighter. His Final Smash, Blast-O-Matic, was apparently a weapon created to destroy DK Island...

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