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Chrom Guide Introduction

One of the new characters in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Chrom is the latest fire emblem to hit the game. He's an echo of Roy that varies based on his blade being equally effective at all lengths (vs Roy's sweetspot and sourspot). His up special is also slightly different. 

Chrom Combos

Chrom's combos are generally going to be a variation of either his Side + B combos or some aerial juggling. Here are a few others that work at lower percentages:
  • Neutral A +Dash Up Smash
  • Forward Air + down tilt

Chrom Tips

  • Chrom's dash dance is one of the best in the game, abuse it as much as possible
  • Chrom's speed allows him to follow up on almost any hit at low percentages
  • Similar to other swordsmen, make sure to jab as you land in order to minimize the vulnerability frames your character has. Chrom's is especially good.

Chrom's Special Moves

Official Smash Video

The protagonist of Fire Emblem Awakening joins the battle as Roy's echo fighter. His Final Smash is Awakening Aether. Like Aether in the original game, this move has Chrom charge toward his opponent, slashing with his sword.

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